We Insist!
"The Babel Inside Was Terrible"

(Exile On Mainstream 2009)We Insist! - The Babel Inside Was Terrible

Sometimes it’s a lot more difficult to say “OK, let’s stop” than it is to say “let’s keep going.” It’s a very fine distinction between too much and too little. Sometimes “just enough” is that elusive Holy Grail or that one extra ornament that tips over the Christmas tree. On their fifth album, We Insist! confidently charges at those notions of what is considered “just enough.” No one could ever accuse We Insist!’s “The Babel Inside Was Terrible” of being lacking instrumentally. And yet, with vigorous and lively instrumentation that never seems to rest – always pushing, always driving, always going just a little bit farther – it’s hard to accuse them of going overboard.

We Insist! dance a lusty tango between post-hardcore, math rock, free jazz and prog rock on “The Babel Inside Was Terrible.” Light melodies are interwoven with disjointed rhythms, such as on “In A Maze,” while “Ancient Follies” takes a more straight forward path, following a relatively quiet and shrill melody before slowly breaking out. The stop-and-go style of play on tracks like the twinkling “Thoughtful Anatomy” and the jazz-fused “Dead Dog” are well executed and show off the real strengths of We Insist!

There’s a little of everything on We Insist!’s “The Babel Inside Was Terrible.” Some guitar riffs here, tight drumming and bass riffs there, and don’t forget about the outburst of soulful horns from time to time. And while there’s always so much going on with We Insist!, the band never makes it sound as though their music is being overdone or overplayed nor does it ever sound inaccessible.