Whale Blue Eye
"Dizzy With Joy"

(Hedgerow Records 2002)Whale Blue Eye - Dizzy With Joy

Whale Blue Eye's "Dizzy With Joy," with its mid-tempo softer guitar rock aren't unlike Badly Drawn Boy. It's the mix of a not quite full on electric sound and a not quite full on acoustic sound that doesn't bore or irritate. And what's interesting is they're from New Jersey and not Damon Gough's native England.

"Standing in the Station," the album's fun and inviting opener, includes a simple guitar solo and a brief change in pace. The lack of stagnancy and catchiness makes the song draw the listeners. "Pretty Picture," although with a slower tempo than the previous song, has a, comparatively, harder riff during the verses. Staying mid-tempo and at a middle point between soft and hard rock, the album's title track, "Dizzy With Joy," isn't riding on electric guitar riffs but, instead, a softer edge. With the band's, stripped-down ballad "Freedom Chain," they have a nice and memorable melody on the chorus while the rambling guitar of "Quite Like You" isn't completely unlike Badly Drawn Boy. The electric distorted opening of "If I Could" shows promise but is toned down to bare essentials during the verses on the catchy song.

But it's the stripped down and softer side of Whale Blue Eye, like on stand out "Famous For A Day," that is the most enjoyable. "Psychic Faire," another rambling acoustic guitar tune, has a good electric hook and the somewhat bland lyrics "you were sittin' on a pillow/sippin' royal tea/and I was strumming obsequiously/you were sittin' on a pillow/sippin' royal tea/while I was performing so diligently." The album's "darkest" sounding mid-tempo, "In The Moment" which begs you to "be in the moment right now." Picking up the tempo a bit for the album's closer, "Sort of Blue" isn't unlike "Standing in the Station" with it's fun and inviting feeling but it's the song's catchy chorus that gets you -- "always lookin' for a good time good time/always looking for a good time good time/all together on the outside outside/wondering about the inside inside."

With their mid-tempo softer rock, Whale Blue Eye has a good album in "Dizzy With Joy." And while the vocals could be softer or less edgy on some of the songs, Whale Blue Eye properly introduce themselves to you with eleven of their songs.


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