Wild Yaks
"10 Ships (Don't Die Yet!)"

(Ernest Jenning Record Co. 2009)Wild Yaks - 10 Ships (Don\'t Die Yet!)

With vocals delivered in unison shouts from the band, Wild Yaks' music could easily become punk if the band isn't careful and, say, have too many drinks one night before and/or during a show. But on "10 Ships (Don't Die Yet)," the band leans more towards indie hipsters than disaffected youths. "10 Ships (Don't Die Yet)" is like a split release where both the bands are one and the same. The first half of the 25-minute long record ("10 Ships") is essentially an EP of studio recorded tracks while the remaining portion of the collection ("Don't Die Yet") is live tracks.

It's hard to know from "10 Ships (Don't Die Yet)" if Wild Yaks' aloofness has been carefully constructed or is genuine. Guitar riffs with just the right amount of sloppiness mix with occasional saxophone solos, like on "Crazy But Not Afraid," that bring hints of Morphine to mind though the Yaks never dip more than a toe into the jazz pool. You can compare the band's recorded sound versus their live sound with the tracks "Tomahawk," "River May Come" and "Crazy But Not Afraid" which appear in both sections of the release. If you're like me, you'll go back and forth with which track is better before realizing they're pretty much the same. If anything, Wild Yaks can be captivating when their songs of controlled frenzy hit the peak of intensity.

Wild Yaks aren't going to waste your time. And they certainly don't want to waste their own time. So when "10 Ships (Don't Die Yet)" flies through ten tracks in the blink of an eye, the band haven't worn out their welcome. You definitely can't ignore Wild Yaks. In fact, they're barely around long enough to affect anything positive or negative. Wild Yaks are spontaneous yet predictable as they make music that is so unpretentious simply because anyone could have made it.


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