Without End
"Disease Is Man"

(Pseudoplasma Records 2004)Without End - Disease Is Man

Without End are ready to try and make your ears bleed on their debut full-length release, "Disease Is Man." And, sure enough, pounding drums, thundering bass and speeding guitar licks mix with gruff vocals and chants for an appropriately heavy result that is sure to stay in your head.

A catchy guitar riff and speeding, endlessly pounding drums make sure that "Disease is Man" gets your attention. Without End echo sinister choruses on "Lords of Defiance" and "At The Gate" as the slow, heaviness of tracks like "Liars" introduce some variety to the album.

"You'll have the time of your life as you die," Adam Tranquilli announces amidst the gritty sound of "To The Depths." Meanwhile, thrashing rhythms drive "Ultra Lie" as Tranquilli snarls "I have no regrets/I am my judge and jury." The aggression and distress builds to a peak on "You'll Stink in the End" as Without End take a more traditional style and pound on their instruments.

On an album such as this, the instrumentation has to be there and it has to be solid. And on that point, Without End have no problem. "Disease Is Man" is high on energy and heavy on gritty riffs and dark lyrics that are sure to get more than a few head banging.


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