(Modular Recordings 2006)Wolfmother - Dimensions

Australian rock group Wolfmother have borrowed more from the 70s than hair style tips. The trio -- which showcases keyboards, drums and guitar or bass, drums and guitar, depending on the song -- borrows heavily from the decade with their Pink Floyd meets Black Sabbath sound that is as intense as it is familiar. Wolfmother's EP, "Dimensions," is a much too short sampler that will intrigue US rock fans with the band's full sound.

Pounding drums set the mood on "Dimension" while guitar resonates quick riffs and a memorable melody. Full instrumentation buzzes around you on the slower paced "Mind's Eye" before a quick keyboard solo takes control and sets things in motion. Chunky, rhythmic riffs make "Love Train" into a fluid and rocking track while some lone whispering are the only vocals offered on the low echoing instrumental "The Earth's Rotation Around The Sun" that shows a more methodical and thoughtful side of Wolfmother. The band's EP also includes videos for "Dimension" and "Mind's Eye." Both directed by The Malloys, the videos are little more than performance videos, the previous shot in black and white and the latter shot on a scenic desert location, to give you a peek at Wolfmother in action.

Wolfmother offer four separate but cohesive sounds on "Dimensions," offering evidence that not only are they more than a one trick pony but they can keep fans interested and engaged with their evolving sound. With their clear collection of influences, Wolfmother are familiar without being repetitive. "Dimensions" pulls you into Wolfmother and leaves you eagerly wanting and awaiting a full-length.


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