(Modular Recordings 2006)Wolfmother - Wolfmother

When Wolfmother previewed their upcoming album with their "Dimensions" EP, they made it clear that their retro inspired rock and roll sound was all about guitar riffs, soaring vocals and lively dynamics. But even a good listen to "Dimensions" will not prepare you for everything that Wolfmother have to offer on their debut full-length. Tight instrumentation makes solos fun as Wolfmother continues to develop and perfect their full and energetic sound.

The light melody of "White Unicorn" gives way to a pounding power chorus before drum and guitar solos take control while on "Colossal," Wolfmother continue their big guitar sound. Likewise, Wolfmother pay tribute to the past by working long instrumental portions into most of the tracks, such as on "Woman" and "Joker & The Thief," with their tight guitar riffs bouncing. Wolfmother embody The White Stripes on the rough and quick guitar comes together of "Apple Tree" and on the foot stomping guitar ballad "Vagabond," with its folksy, bluesy feel. On "Witchcraft," the driving guitar riff jumps out at you as Wolfmother offer something a bit more thoughtful before, unexpectedly, adding the light wisps of a horn.

Wolfmother make it, unintentionally, clear early on that any expectations you come in with they will do their best to disprove. While "Dimensions" and "Mind's Eye" give you a hint at what to expect, they do not do Wolfmother justice. Wolfmother's debut full-length is full of big, powerful sounds that the band knows how to control, never letting things get out of hand. Wolfmother are keeping things rocking.


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