"The Boredom of Me"

(Audio8 Recordings 2008)Yoome - The Boredom of Me

Yoome is artsy and obscure. Dark synths, built upon by poetic vocals. This isn't a singing band. The lead "rhymer" speaks in verse that is mind blowing. Lyrical content that will make you go, "Woah, how did he think of that?" This album is brilliant.

This album isn't poppy. Musically speaking, it's as if the Postal Service put out a post-break up record: slow, melodramatic music; sappy and weighted down. The music is contradicted by poetry though. The vocals aren't sung, they're spoken and rapped. Lyrics about self-introspection, sobriety, divorce, just being human.

Yoome just does something different. Something yet to done by really anyone else. Admittedly, at first listen, I was questioning how good "The Boredom Of Me" is, versus how much it's just one of those records that is "different." After the second listen though, it really opened itself up and it was easier to understand.

The only problem you will run into is that some of the songs are monotonous. There are a few tracks that feel a bit recycled. The lyrics are always different, and always amazing, but the music does get a bit old. This album might take a little getting used to, but is well worth it after the first few listens. Yoome is that band you brag to your friends about knowing before they did. Top tracks on the album include "Blueberry Breath," "The Notebook," "Whiskey And Peppermint."


buy it!