"The Good Can't Escape"

(Self-Released 2006)Zerostars - The Good Can\'t Escape

Chicago trio Zerostars blend smooth melodies and vocals together for a refreshing and nostalgic sound that reminds of a variety of pop rock ranging from the early 60s until today. Seems little has changed. The band's debut EP, "The Good Can't Escape" showcases six songs dominated by gentle and thoughtful music. Produced by Kill Hannah drummer Garret Hammond, who also contributes some percussion to the EP, Zerostars stand out with their clean cut and focused sound.

Vocalist and guitar player Jason Moody just borders on a crooner, his soft vocals lilting gently but dominating over the instrumentation throughout "The Good Can't Escape." Putting some energy into their music, "No Souvenir" bounces lightly on the up tempo number while the smooth pop rock of "Dad's Dress" takes you on a journey with charming lyrics. On "Fearless," the band amp up the guitar with gritty riffs leading the action as the EP's title track keeps things bright and easy on the ears. Zerostars add a bit of a modest swagger to their music on "Like Lovers Do," offering more dynamics before the ballad "Smoking In Bed" takes over with gentle vocal accents.

On their debut EP, Zerostars step out with an understated sound that quietly makes its mark without forcing itself on the listener. The band's light, poppy rock sound leaves plenty of room for expanding and increasing their sound to cover more and different ground. Zerostars will not escape.