Zom Zoms
"One Brain"

(Omega Point Records 2004)Zom Zoms - One Brain

Sporting shirts that look remind of the floor mat for the game Twister, the Zom Zoms' Devo-like electro-pop is both quirky and entertaining. The Austin, Texas-based trio might seem as though they are out of their minds at times -- the jury's still out and I will not pass judgment -- but "One Brain" plays well with solid songs.

Whimsical, "Wake Of Zom Zoms" squeaks and shutters over light electronic beats while, with a typical science nerd voice, "Hyper Lenny" makes good on its title by racing and throwing everything at you at once. "Spill blood on your CDs," the band sings on "Pray To Zom Zoms" before the quick and catchy tune's chorus flies by haphazardly. Pulses twitch as a light synth melody lilts in the background of "Static." "The Cockatoo Cries 'Zom!'" drones, rising up and down, as the band repeatedly shriek "my neighbors are lasers" before the band takes turns screaming between murmuring the lyrics of "Recipes Resume." "Why don't you go back to TV, you idiot?" the band yell as they take some amusing shots on "Steve Martin Is Going Nowhere."

With ten tracks that are finished in twenty-five minutes, the Zom Zoms might seem like they are just goofing off, but they know what they are doing. Few albums could pack as much into such a short time and still make such a strong impression. "One Brain" might not be for all listeners, but those who do enjoy the album are sure to love it.