Zom Zoms
"Yellow Rainbow"

(Business Deal/Omega Point Records 2006)Zom Zoms - Yellow Rainbow

With the Zom Zoms, a few things are for certain. Their music is fast paced, wild and infectious. The band's third full-length album, "Yellow Rainbow," is no exception or disappointment. The Austin, Texas based band deliver with all of the synthesizer pumping beats and shrieking vocals that fans have come to expect and want.

The band speeds by you with their quirky melody on "Deciduous Prophet" as even the band get into it, beeping along with their rhythmic chorus while "Zom Zoms Fad" maintains their speed and intensity as the track pulses quickly. Three-letter abbreviations fly on the memorable "Caught On Tape" as the melody squeaks and vocals squeal before the album's title track furthers the sound, bringing a thumping melody to the foreground. On "Race Of Zom Zoms," the band seem the most free, just letting themselves go as the music builds up around them. The Zom Zoms step out from behind their high-pitched melodies for a dynamic and thicker sound that borders on the funky with "Strange Floating Woolen Jaw."

The Zom Zoms' sing-song melodies propel their music almost as much as their pulsing, beating synthesizers. And, in fact, it is the beeping synths that are the heart of this band. "Yellow Rainbow" is a fun and crazy ride that is anything but smooth as it jostles you around with nonstop rhythms and continually takes chances.